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I’m curious. What do you do about the cleaning dilemma?

Take my poll because I would like to know.  I’ve tried all sorts of things. I’m not judging anyone for what they use. I just thought the poll would be interesting. Feel free to leave your comments, too.

Some of my kids and I are very sensitive to cleaners.  I’ve quit using cleaners from the store because of it.  I’ve been frustrated with “Non-Toxic’ Cleaners that give us the same issues.  When I read the labels they too seem to be full of fragrance and chemicals I don’t want.

Out comes Vinegar and soda.  It works, but after a while it seems like everything smell of vinegar.

Recently Ava Anderson Non-Toxic came out with 2 peppermint smelling  cleaners.  I couldn’t be happier.  Everything smells fresh and I don’t feel like I’m choking when I use it.

Ava's Non Toxic Cleaners

Ava's Non Toxic Cleaners

The reports of these products are coming in.  Following are before and after pictures of a gal who used it on old carpet stains.  Check out the results.  She said, “And my house smelled great”.

Carpet After Non-Toxic Cleaner

Carpet After Non-Toxic Cleaner

Ava's Non-Toxic All Purpose/Glass Cleaner

Ava's Non-Toxic All Purpose/Glass Cleaner


If you’d like to try them we have a 30 day money back guarantee.  Order on my website  .  My ID # is 2465.  You should go to my page but if your session times out you will need to enter the ID #.

What does this have to do with beautiful Skin?  If you break out from cleaners and find gloves obnoxious this could help keep your skin happy!

What ever you use to clean, enjoy your Day!


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