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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic


Are you looking for an expert on Eczema?  Do Non-Toxic products work better than popular name brand products?

I will be honest, I am not an expert on eczema but I have kids who struggle with eczema.  Sometimes it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to an eczema breakout.

Here are a few things we have found helpful.

What happens when some or all of these things are out of your control?  It’s not always pleasant!
 Last week my son went to camp and didn’t take his Non-Toxic moisturizer.  His eczema flared up so he put on a name brand lotion one night.  His entire face broke out.  When my daughter picked him up she called me and said he looked like a 70 year old man.
We’ve been using our Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products for about a little over a year.  We’ve had such good results on my family with sensitive skin that sometimes I’m tempted to think they have grown out of their skin issues.  I start wondering, “Is it really necessary to spend the extra money on Safe Non-Toxic products?”
Well, now we all have our answer!


Buy Toxic Beauty

I always tell my customers to read the labels.  When my sister sent the following Shampoo Alert in an email I thought it was so fitting.  We all need a good laugh everyday.
Shampoo alert!  
   As I was conditioning my hair in the shower this morning, I took time to read my shampoo bottle.  I am in shock!  The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my entire body says “for extra volume and body”!  Seriously, why have I not noticed this before?  Now I understand why I am so “full-figured!”
   Tomorrow I am going to start using “Dawn” dish soap.  It says right on the label “dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.”
   It pays to read the warning labels, my friends!

In its recently released 2011 Sunscreen Report, the Environmental Working Group states that it is unfortunate that consumers must …. “pick your sunscreen: nanomaterials or potential hormone disruptors.”
Non Toxic Sun Screen SPF 30
Well, there is no need to make this choice with Ava’s new non-toxic sunscreen – we have NEITHER! NO hormone disruptors, NO nanomaterials and NO harmful chemicals. (“The major choice in the U.S. is between “chemical” sunscreens, which have inferior stability and may disrupt the body’s hormone systems, and “mineral” sunscreens (zinc and titanium), which often contain micronized- or nano-scale particles of those minerals.”)

“We have determined that mineral sunscreens (zinc) have the best safety profile of today’s choices. They offer UVA protection, which is sorely lacking in most of today’s sunscreen products.” – EWG, Sunscreen Report, May 2011

“The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a broad-spectrum (protects against UVA and UVB rays) water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, for year round use.” Ava’s Non Toxic  30+ SPF fits this perfectly!

Dr. Patrick Sullivan, Double Board certified, nationally recognized Plastic Surgeon writes – “What a stellar accomplishment. Congratulations Ava! This is a very significant contribution. Everyone can benefit from a sunblock like this: It is safe and protects against both UVA and UVB harmful rays. We will be making this available in our plastic surgery office and giving it the ‘High Recommendation’ for our patients. Thank you for listening and responding to our need for a non toxic sunscreen. I know you have been working hard on this one for sometime”

Patrick K. Sullivan, MD
Associate Prof. of Plastic Surgery
Brown University Alpert School of Medicine

Get yours Click on “Products” then “shop” and it will be under Body products.  

How do you decide what risks to take?

As you can see I’m taking this from the Daily Post.  I decided to apply this to choosing non-toxic products when it seems they are not always readily available.

I guess I’m a little vain and when I see that grey showing on my head I start thinking I need a little color.  Nothing extreme, I just like to color the grey.

After checking out what is really in hair color I went for some time without coloring my hair.  But the idea of covering that grey won out when I found a local hair salon whose mission is to offer safer, organic products.

Deciding to try it out,  I made the appointment, even though I knew the products were not completely non-toxic.

The place was great and is now my favorite hair salon!  However, I had my hair done in the evening and the following morning woke up with headache and sneezing.

Now the question is do I do this again to see if I get the same results?  Was it just a coincidence and I actually came into something else that I was allergic to?

Because I’m not interested in repeating those symptoms I’m strongly leaning toward coloring my hair with henna.  Yes, it’s more of a process but I know I had no reaction to it.  Plus it scores low enough on the Cosmetic Data Base that I don’t have to be concerned about other side effects.

Of course the other option is to embrace the silvery grey highlights and go completely non-toxic.  I have friends that do and I don’t think less of them!  Food for thought.  Maybe I will run with it!

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