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A majority of Westerners include underarm deodorants or antiperspirants in their daily hygiene routine. Despite the acceptance of this practice, many deodorants and antiperspirants increase the body’s toxic load – putting an additional burden on the organ overseeing most of the body’s detoxification responsibilities: the liver. For individuals with chronic liver disease, any extra toxin to be filtered heightens the level of stress on the liver. Unfortunately, this added level of stress can fan local inflammation, a physiological event that can lead to cellular injury and a worsening of the liver’s condition.  Read More…


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Check out this video to see what someone else has to say about Ava Anderson Non-Toxic.

We have more new organic products without harmful chemicals coming next month. March 2012.

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We have some great Non-Toxic sets for Christmas! Skin Care, Body Products and More! Order by Monday December 19th to receive by Christmas.  If you are on the west coast order by the 16th.

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic


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Today I want to share an article written by a Chiropractor friend of mine.  I believe this can also apply to making small adjustments to change the products we are putting on our skin.

She Writes:

Making Small Lifestyle Adjustments Can Add up to Big Health Benefits Over Time

Fran Grossman, RD, CDE, nutritionist and diabetes educator at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York says, “You don’t have to belong to a gym or live on wheat grass just to be healthy. There are dozens of small things you can do every day that make a difference, and you don’t always have to do a lot to gain a lot.”
“Just the act of going from sedentary to moderately active gives you the greatest reduction in your risks,” says Helene Glassberg, MD, director of the Preventive Cardiology and Lipid Center at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.
But it”s not only in physical fitness where small changes can make a difference. The same principles apply at the kitchen table (and anywhere else where eating takes place).
“Reducing fat intake, cutting down on sugar, eating a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar — over time, these things can make a difference,” says Grossman.
Grossman goes on to explain that as long as the changes are moving you toward your goal – be it weight loss, a reduction in cholesterol or blood pressure, or better blood sugar control — you can get there by taking baby steps.
Moreover, Grossman says that making small changes can help give us the motivation to make bigger ones.
“A lot of bad eating habits are about not taking charge of your life, and that attitude is often reflected in other areas,” she says. On the other hand, when you make small changes at the kitchen table, the rewards may show up in other areas of your life.”
“It’s the act of taking control that makes the difference in motivating you,” says Grossman. “An inner confidence and power begins to develop that can be seen in other areas of life.”

by Dr Mertens
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